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Stories of collaboration with some of our clients

Agile coaching for software delivery teams

KMC has partnered with Liberty Life to offer a robust coaching offering which aims to empower the existing software delivery teams. As opposed to the traditional ways of agile training, KMC favours an immersive coaching approach. This entails our consultants becoming part of the day-to-day delivery team. We find that this way of working better equips the teams in delivering software more efficiently.


We have partnered with Liberty Life to help software delivery teams deliver better. We achieve this by having our consultants join the teams as agile coaches. Using our Innovation Delivery Model, we aim to introduce new ways of working that help the teams self organise and deliver more efficiently.

Knowledge Sharing

In addition to the day-to-day agile coaching, KMC continues to share knowledge in the form of learning sessions over lunch. These sessions serve to present talks on all things agile in an easygoing and informal setting. We have already hosted sessions that guide teams on how to run daily agile practices - with more sessions planned for the future.

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